Dan Klaes - (Co Founder/ Investigator / Case Manager)

Daniel Klaes has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal. Much of his curiosity stems from his experiences living in a haunted house. These encounters with unusual phenomena caused him to push the boundaries of his own belief system. In fact later Dan later purchased his family’s home and has grown comfortable with his unseen guests.

Klaes has co-founded the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society which has tackled some of the most challenging paranormal cases in the region. Dan is also a producer of Behind the Shadows which is a documentary series that can be viewed internationally on the Roku station Paranormal Reality TV. He is also a radio host (Phenomena Encountered) on the Crossroads Radio Network, a sought after speaker, and author, having penned (Hinsdale House, An American Haunting).

In June of 2015 Dan realized a lifelong dream. The infamous Hinsdale House, site of the infestation and structural exorcism became available for purchase. Wasting no time, he made an offer that was accepted and became the owner. Klaes immediately began renovations to stabilize the house, which continue to this day. Shortly afterwards he opened the location for paranormal research and has hosted local, national and international paranormal teams.

Recently Dan was contacted by producers from Destination America and contracted the house to be featured on the hit TV series Paranormal Lockdown featuring Nick Groff and Katrina Wiedman.  The Episode was the highest viewed episode of the series. Such was the phenomena that after Nick left both EVP and Geobox evidence called for his return to the house.Dan with his wife Colleen and their 4 children are lifelong residents of Western New York.  All share his interest in the unusual and sometimes spooky endeavors as they present themselves.​

Email : dan@gwnyps.com

Dana Bridenbaker - (Videographer)

Dana Bridenbaker Dana is the Head of Videography with the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society and a modern-day "Renaissance Man," excelling in Art, History, and Science. A tattoo artist by day, paranormal enthusiast by night, and full-time family man, Dana is a rare and invaluable person in the field. During an investigation, he can usually locate rational explanations from his vast knowledge in the scientific world. "The great thing about this field is that it's an anomaly in itself. Science can't prove there is life after death, but they can't prove it does not exist either".


Lewis Caferella - (Photographer / Videographer / Investigator)

Lewis Caferella A true paranormal enthusiast if there ever was one, just ask his colleagues. Bragging isn't part of his repertoire, he lets the evidence he captures do the talking for him. Louie has worked his way through the paranormal field and is now the Lead of Photography with the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society. His energy, sense of humor, and dedication to his team gives him a unique quality that is unmatched. He lives, eats, and breathes the paranormal. “I truly believe what we do is extremely important” he says, “providing answers and validation for our clients is the most important part of our job.”


Rebecca Bratek (Investigator)

I love to explore and connect with nature, giving time to my family and friends, paint, hike, ski, hunt, fish and helping people anyway I can. When I was younger I played with a Ouija board an evil spirit came through and refused to leave me and my family alone for about 10 years. In that time I came to find my spiritualism I began to explore, herbs, oils ,stones, learning different ways to protect myself and my family.I take what I have been through, experienced and learned to use to help people by lending support from someone who has been though some of the most extreme paranormal circumstances. "The only way to fight darkness is with the light".

Cameron Daboin - (Co-Founder / Investigator)

Cameron Daboin Cameron is considered one of the true leaders in his field. "We are on the cusp, scientifically, of proving there is more going on related to the paranormal than we know. And, Its ignorant for us as humans to think we know everything. Especially without looking into all possibilities". Cameron, with the help of Dan Klaes formed GWNYPS for the purpose of investigating famously haunted locations in Western New York. Cameron is confident in his team's abilities. "If there is something at these locations we will find it". Cameron started in the paranormal field by providing residential investigations after his own childhood experiences in the city of Buffalo. Experiences that continue to this day. Cameron's mission is to ignite a new scientific revolution by bring proof of the paranormal to the masses.

Email: cam@gwnyps.com

Kevin Schmitz (Videographer/ Production/Investigator)

Kevin came to us about 6 months ago, he truley has a passion for The Paranormal and is a perfectionist when it comes to the production of our show Behind the Shadows. He had worked on many Television shows and Movies and as of late recently worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2. We are glad to have Kevin along for the ride as he has stepped us into a whole new level. 


Rev. Chelsea Gill - Psychic Medium / Investigator

Reverend Chelsea Gill is a Fourth Generation Intuitive who was aware of her abilities at the age of seven. Throughout the years, her mother wrote down things she said, saw and heard to keep a log on what abilities she inherited. She studied at Bryant Stratton College and received her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice in 2012. She had ambition to help the community on cases with her abilities as a “Psychic Medium” and in 2015 she started working with the Criminal Justice System on cold case and missing people files. During that time she volunteered her time for a non-profit that assisted those who were ill, with an integrated medicine approach. As time went on Chelsea followed her calling and expanded her knowledge in Holistic Healthcare with Essential Oils. Already being a Reiki Master, she knew she could assist those who are suffering; mentally, physically, and emotionally with a therapeutic approach. In 2016 she joined Greater WNY Paranormal Society as a Team Investigator and Psychic Medium to assist families that are struggling from with activity and to provide closure.


Lynn Czekaj (Investigator / Documentarian)

Lynn CzekajThroughout her life Lynn has had an intense interest in the paranormal and unknown aspects of our world. A culmination of unexplained personal experiences has led her to seek out the GWNYPS in an attempt to answer some of the burning questions she has about the other side. Since joining the GWNYPS team, Lynn has had an opportunity to seek answers to some of these questions, as well as explore some of the rich history and stories that make up our past.


Team member Names from Left to Right:
Lewis Caferella (Photographer/Videographer/Investigator), Lynn Czekaj (Investigator), Cameron Daboin (Founder/ Lead Investigator), Dan Klaes (Co Founder/Investigator), Kevin Schmitz (Videographer/Production/Investigator)
Not Pictured - Dana Bridenbaker (Videographer), Chelsea Gill (Psychic Medium/Investigator), Recebba Bratek (Investigator)